Below are answers to common questions about the online MHA program. If your question is not answered here, please contact a program representative at (877) 819-5033.


How does an MHA compare to an MPH or MBA in Healthcare Management?

A key distinction between these degree programs lies in their primary areas of focus. A Master of Public Health (MPH) centers on broader public health issues, covering topics like healthcare policy and the social determinants of health, while a master’s in business administration (MBA) with a healthcare management concentration or specialization teaches general business management skills paired with coursework related to the healthcare industry.

In contrast, the MHA specifically targets the crucial skills and knowledge that healthcare administrators need to achieve operational success. By combining elements of healthcare-specific management and policy with a focus on operations, healthcare administrators can improve the efficiency of healthcare organizations and support positive patient outcomes.

Our program comparison table discusses the degrees in greater detail, including typical curriculum focuses, potential career outcomes, sought-after skills and salary prospects. You can also call a program representative at (877) 819-5033 (toll-free) if you would like to discuss if a Master of Healthcare Administration is right for you.

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Is the program conducted 100% online?

Yes, all MHA coursework is offered online, with the exception of two required on-campus immersive experiences. See our curriculum page for more information.

Can I switch between a part-time and full-time course schedule?

Yes. Each quarter, students can choose to take one course per term (part time) or two courses per term (full time). They can switch each quarter if needed.

The online MHA is designed to offer flexibility for working professionals. Taking one or two courses per term should not impact a student’s ability to continue working full time.

What are the on-campus immersions?

The on-campus immersions are opportunities for students to meet their peers and connect with the MHA faculty and other healthcare professionals, all in person at the UCLA campus.

Students are required to complete two immersions. Immersion 1, completed in the first year of the program, focuses on professional development and project management. Immersion 2 takes place in the second year and prepares students for their capstone project.

How long are the on-campus immersions?

Each immersion spans 3.5 days, for a total of 30 hours. The immersions are always scheduled beginning Wednesday afternoon through Saturday.

What networking opportunities are available to students in the MHA program?

UCLA’s MHA program is designed to help students graduate with a strong professional network. Classmates build relationships via discussion boards and synchronous activities. During weekly live sessions, students can interact directly with their instructors and classmates.

The two on-campus immersions are also excellent networking opportunities with the first immersion specifically centered on professional development. Students come together with their classmates and faculty for a full weekend of activities and leave with stronger connections and an expanded network.

What accreditation does the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health hold?

The UCLA Fielding School of Public Health is fully accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH). The school has held CEPH accreditation since 1960 and the current accreditation is valid through 2028.

The CEPH mission is to “assure quality in public health education and training to achieve excellence in practice, research and service, through collaboration with organizational and community partners.”


What is the capstone project?

The capstone is a one-term field project completed in Term 7. Students address a real-life healthcare issue and utilize the problem-solving, project management and communication skills they have gained from the program.

Students partner with a healthcare organization to solve a management or organizational problem. The capstone requires students to prepare a consulting report and a presentation. Upon completion, students have a concrete professional example to add to their resume or portfolio.

The Capstone Project is the equivalent of a regular 4-unit course and counts towards the degree requirements.

What types of projects can I pursue for my capstone?

Students can address issues such as delivery, financing and evaluation of healthcare administration services. The capstone’s focus is guided by the organization that serves as the healthcare partner for the project.

A preceptor at the partner organization helps determine the project’s content, and the MHA program director reviews and approves the project. Students will have advising support from UCLA faculty throughout the capstone.

Can I complete the capstone project at my place of employment?

Capstone projects involve working with a local healthcare organization to solve organizational or managerial problems. The organization you consult with must be approved by the MHA program director. If you are employed in an appropriate healthcare setting, you may be able to arrange to complete the capstone requirements at your place of employment.


What is the deadline for applying to the program?

We offer four opportunities to start the program each year. See our admissions page for quarterly application deadlines. Contact a program representative for more information.

Are applicants required to submit GRE scores?

GRE scores are not required for admission to the online Master of Healthcare Administration program.

What are the requirements for admission?

Applicants to the online MHA must hold a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution with a cumulative grade-point average of at least 3.0. Candidates must also have three years of professional work experience. For full details on application requirements, please visit the admissions page.

My GPA is below a 3.0 GPA. Can I still apply?

The Fielding School of Public Health will review applications from prospective students whose GPA is slightly below a 3.0 average.

Applicants who do not meet the GPA requirement should call a program representative as soon as possible at (877) 819-5033 to discuss the process.

I have less than three years of work experience. Can I still apply?

Applicants must have three years of professional work experience. This experience does not have to be in a healthcare-related field; it can be in any industry.

When choosing individuals to write a letter of recommendation on my behalf, what are some things
to consider?

We recommend identifying individuals you know are likely to submit your letters promptly and take the time to write you a strong letter of recommendation. Recommenders should be willing to write a personalized recommendation that focuses on your professional and/or academic experiences. Please review the application requirements for additional details.


How much is tuition?

Total program tuition for the online MHA is $61,050. For a detailed breakdown, see the tuition and financial aid page.

Is financial aid available?

Financial aid and external scholarships are available to admitted students who complete the FAFSA application. Contact the Financial Aid Office for more information.

What is the FAFSA code for UCLA?

The UCLA school code is 001315-00.